“The Noticer” by Andy Andrews

Jones has long white hair, skin the color that can be interpreted differently, clothes that a hippie would wear including leather flip-flops. Every time Jones is seen by someone, he is wearing the same thing and always carrying around a worn brown suitcase. We first meet Jones when he introduces himself to Andy who has been living underneath the Gulf State Park Pier. While Andy fears his life is hopeless and will not get better, Jones tells him that he needs to gain a little perspective. To help clear his cloudy vision from his head to his heart and into his future. Jones explains that by gaining a new perspective can change your life and the lives of the people around you.

Jones helps Andy gain a little perspective by having him read some biographies of influential people in the world. And how these were just normal people who went through hardships but where able to gain perspective and through that helped the world. While Andy gives credit to Jones for his better fortune, it is really Andy who deserves the credit. There is no power in intention to do something, but to actually do it.

Throughout the book are stories of how Jones has touched the lives of hundreds of people. So many that Andy never realized. But after a conversation with Jones “everyone seemed to emerge from those encounters with a new perspective on their situation, which allowed them to regroup, take a breath, and begin their lives again from a different point of view.” (p. 95)

No one knows how old Jones is, Jones says that he doesn’t even know himself. But he has been around for decades, helping different generations. One day the town finds Jones’ suitcase in the middle of a parking lot and Jones is nowhere to be found. What happened to Jones? What is in the suitcase that never leaves his hands? How does Jones bring the town together? Who is Jones?

For full book synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Andrews__Andy.html

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Until next time, live life one page at a time!



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