TIME Magazine “Secret Societies”

This is an extremely interesting read. It also wants me to look into our history because I did not know some of the things that has happened. I never thought I would write about a magazine on this site, but this special edition stood out to me because it is something my cousin has been researching.

In the beginning of the magazine, the stories they tell of the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Illuminati (etc) is written to debunk these societies. Though a conspiracy theorist could say that employees at TIME are members of these societies and want the world to think they do not exist. I learned that through my bloodline, I am a descendant of the Freemasons. No one has approached me about becoming a member, so they either do not exist or I am not special enough to selected to join.

The middle of the magazine through me for a loop because it was all about Dan Brown and The DiVinci Code. How even though the book was a nice read but no umph behind it and the movies are ridiculous and did not bring out the real talents of the famous actors.

Then come the short stories that give us a little information, like Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute but a wealthy follower who wed Jesus. Also the crackdown in China over a spiritual craze throughout the nation. Then come the cult stories that made the headlines everywhere: Charles Manson killings, mass suicide from drinking poisoned koolaid in Jonestown, mass weddings by a Korean messiah (etc).

The magazine ends with true stories that are still relevant in today’s culture. I learned about the KKK, the mafia and gangs.

This edition of the magazine definitely makes you wonder. Are these secret societies real? The stories had to have come from somewhere…right? My cousin has given her focus to the Illuminati and how they are making the world so they rule it. I think I will just live my life day by day…and maybe I will learn a little more about politics and vote. 

ß ß ß ß out of 5

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Until next time, take life one page at a time!


TIME Magazine © 2010


4 thoughts on “TIME Magazine “Secret Societies”

  1. The Mason’s will not approach you. You have to approach them, and being a woman you would most likely be in the Eastern Star. Not the Mason’s.

    • You are absolutely correct. A close family member never said anything about me joining until I asked. Then he encouraged me.I still thank him for the nudge. Just ask a mason, then he will open up!

  2. The Masons are not a secret society, but a society with some secrets. Any large corp. has as many secrets or more. Plus. the Masons…worldwide…donate over 1 million dollars ,to charities worldwide…A DAY!!! Call them secret,….. I call them fantastic!

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