“Enslave” by Cathy Yardley

The final book in this trilogy is loosely based on the story of Beauty and the Beast with an upgrade to the sex scenes.

Nadia Bessonova and her family came from Ukraine where she was a prostitute to help her family make ends meet. However, in Las Vegas, Nadia’s father started stealing cars to make a living. Much to everyone’s surprise he stole a car from the wrong man.

A 1958 Ferrari Testa Rosa, in its original red, was stolen from Dominic Luder. Dominic is a big man who used to work for a big time mafia in Las Vegas was in an explosion that left his face and body scarred. He became known as the Beast. Since the explosion, Dominic wanted out of the mafia so his ex-girlfriend put a contract on his head. Dominic showed up to the Bessonova house demanding his car or the money Nadia’s father got for the car. Since her father had neither and Nadia didn’t want Dominic to kill her father, she offered herself in exchange, to stay with Dominic and do whatever he said until her father could get the money. Dominic agreed.

Dominic started using S & M sex acts to “teach her a lesson.” Much to his surprise, Nadia actually liked it. At first she was scared of Dominic, the unfamiliarity of a large, strange man. But the more she spent time with him, the more she needed him. In the meantime, Jelena, Nadia’s older sister, asked her husband for help, but he refused. So she turned to multi-millionaire Phillipe for money in return for sex. Phillipe always wanted to have sex with Jelena, but even he refused. Next, Jelena took her chances on her husband’s accountant. This man didn’t have any morals and had sex with Jelena in exchange for money to be taken out of her husband’s account. Much to Jelena’s surprise, she enjoyed using her body and sex to get what she wanted. So again, she turned to Phillipe to get advice on how to use sex as a tool for power. Jelena was cooking up a plan to save Nadia from the horrible Beast.

Since Nadia was starting to feel things for Dominic, he decided to head to a bar to help get his mind off of Nadia. This was extremely dangerous for Dominic because of the contract on his head, but he chanced it. He shouldn’t have because some hitmen knifed him in the side. He allowed Nadia to stitch him up. She drugged him with pain medicine that Dominic refused to take. Instead of killing Dominic, Nadia took care of him. This concerned Dominic because loving Nadia made him vulnerable and that was dangerous for both of them (ie the knife wound). So he took her home.

Nadia was upset that Dominic was taking her home because she had become addicted to him. When they arrived at the apartment they found that her family had moved with no forwarding address, obviously thinking only of themselves. Dominic was so upset that her family could treat her that way that he took her back home, to “keep her.”

To find out what happens to Nadia, where her family went, what Jelena is up to and what becomes of the Beast you’re going to have to buy the book!

For full book synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Yardley__Cathy.html

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



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