“Ebony Arose” by Vicky J. Siegrist

Ebony Hunter is an 8-year-old who is living in an abusive household, physically and emotionally, by her father and her two brothers. John Hunter tells his daughter that she is too stupid to go to school, thinks feeding her scrapes of food is a waste, makes her kill animals as punishment and says that he would drown her if he wouldn’t go to jail for it. All the while her brothers are laughing and cheering their father on.

When John found out his oldest son, Tommy, had to go to war, he took all of his anger out on Ebony. He told her he wished that when her mother killed herself she took Ebony with her. John threw Ebony in a tiny shed with the intention of leaving her there until she died. He even had his sons dig a grave for her. For some reason, her older brother, Alex, helped her escape. At 8 years old, Ebony was running away from home, from death.

Ebony hitched a ride into town with Ben and Mary McCann. While keeping an eye on her, they decided that Ebony needed their help and decided to bring her to their home. Chores in exchange for food and boarding. When Tommy happened to see Ebony in town, her dad and brothers showed up at the McCann house demanding Ebony, but Ben said that she had already left. Ben and Mary put Ebony on a wagon train headed to California where Mary’s parents will take care of her, Joel and Violet Napree.

Ebony Hunter became Ebony Arose, great-niece from Baltimore whose mom died and dad headed for war. For her 16th birthday, the Napree’s threw Ebony a party similar to a coming out party. Here she met Lord Nicholas Vance. He started courting Ebony. They fell in love with each other and a yes answer to a Valentine’s Day proposal. However, everything fell apart when her father showed up in the middle of her wedding with a shotgun and told everyone her history (daughter of a poor farmer). Nicholas left town without even talking to her and the family friends didn’t call because the Napree’s lied to them all.

Joel and Violet decided to leave town and took Ebony to London. On the ship, Ebony met Friedrich Lupura. Joel and Violet disliked him, but Ebony thought he was fun. Until Ebony found out in an embarrassing way that her ex-fiance, Nicholas, was Friedrich’s cousin. Ebony turned her interest to Chaz Daugherty, son of Joel’s best friend. Chaz asked Ebony to marry him. On their wedding night Ebony was kidnapped.

What happened to Ebony? Who are the kidnappers and what do they want? Does Ebony ever get away from her abusive father? What happens to her love for Chaz and for Nicholas? If you want the answers to these questions and so many more, you’re going to have to buy the book!

For full book synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Siegrist__Vicky_J.html

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Until next time, live life one page at a time!



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