“The Pleasure of My Company” by Steve Martin

Daniel Pecan Cambridge (Pecan after his Granny’s Pecan farm) has restrictions on himself, or in other words is very neurotic. Every Tuesday and Friday Clarissa, a student shrink, comes by to talk with Daniel. However Daniel does not let Clarissa in on all of his idiosyncrasies, like not being able to walk off of curbs and having to find scooped out driveways to cross the street, and all lightbulbs in the house must equal 1125 watts. Daniel bases everything on logic, things that can be qualified or quantified. If this cannot not happen his hearts starts to beat rapidly, gets dry mouth, has thoughts of death and inside the fires of hell are churning and stirring. To help with these feelings, Daniel creates magic squares. A large square divided into smaller squares, all empty, but needing unique numbers that will produce the identical sum whether they’re read vertically or horizontally. It focuses his mind. Making these squares gives Daniel the feeling that he is participating in the world.

But in reality, he is not. He stays in his apartment, where it is safe and only ventures out to Rite Aid to purchase irrelevant things to catch a glimpse of the cute pharmacist, Zandy. An apartment where he can glance out the window and make a life in his head he cannot make in true life. Where he believes he has fallen in love with Elizabeth Warner, the realtor for the apartments across the street, and created this life with her before he ever even met her. And their relationship never made it past realtor / tenant because she saw an episode of Crime Scene where Daniel is portrayed as a possible murder suspect.

The episode that changes Daniel’s life forever happened during one of his sessions with Clarissa. Clarissa seemed distracted by a lady and child outside. Daniel interested in what was bothering her watched as a black car pulled up and out came this very angry man who pushes and shoved and screamed at the lady. He shoved her so hard that the lady fell with the child. Just as the man was about to beat the child, Daniel threw his body in the way. All the commotion caused a neighbor, Brian, to come outside and scare the angry man away.  Turns out the angry man is Clarissa’s ex-husband, the lady is her sister and the child is her son.

Clarissa needs a place to hide out, so Daniel offered up his place until her ex-husband leaves town. After, Daniel sort of turns into the child’s babysitter. When he found out that his Granny killed herself, Clarissa suggested they travel to Texas from Santa Monica.

Does Daniel accept her offer despite all the “restrictions” he has for himself? What relationship comes from Clarissa? What happened to Daniel’s love for Elizabeth? What comes from his trips to Rite Aid to look at Zandy? Well you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

For full book synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Martin__Steve.html

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Until next time, live life one page at a time!



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    • Care to expand a little more? What did you think of the book? I love hearing from people and what they thought of the books I post!

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