“You Are the Magnet” by Shawn P. Killackey

Welcome to the inner working of the male mind as seen through a journal by Patrick Alloy.

Patrick Alloy works as a supervisor at a tourist shop in central Florida. At the end of August he meets the new cashier, Beth Lodestone. Patrick immediately feel in love with her after seeing her big brown eyes. Beth and Patrick started hanging out, but only as friends because Beth has a live in boyfriend of three years. One night after a few beers, he reveals his crush on Beth. He feels torn between his love for her and not wanting to be the person who breaks up a relationship.

However Patrick is the one to make the first move by kissing Beth. Since then, Beth has allowed more kisses, hand holding and hugging even though she still has her boyfriend. For Patrick’s birthday, Beth gave him a card thanking him for being one of her best friends and her means the most out of all of her friends. The also gave him a mixed tape of songs that reminded them of each other and songs that Beth sang karaoke style.

As an outlet for his feelings, Patrick writes poetry. Beth’s boyfriend goes out-of-town and Beth invites Patrick to her apartment and says he could spend the night, insinuating sex. But when the time came, Beth backed out of it. Beth introduces Patrick to her mother who likes him better than her boyfriend. Why is Beth still with her boyfriend, who works late nights and spends all of his free time working on his car?

Three months after meeting Beth, Patrick decides to go out on a date with Holly, another co-worker. But since Holly is moving back home, their relationship will go nowhere. However, Patrick realizes his desire for something more than what Beth can give him. In month four, Patrick is starting to get angry. He is realizing that Beth is having her cake and eating it too. Patrick is realizing these different things so he asks Beth to choose, but she just doesn’t know. Patrick starts trying to distance himself from her.

Nonetheless, Patrick is conflicted. Beth is like a magnet. He cannot get her out of his mind. He is conflicted. Should you be with the one you love or get out before you get hurt? You are in for the ride of your life.

For full book synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Killackey__Shawn_P.html

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



4 thoughts on ““You Are the Magnet” by Shawn P. Killackey

  1. Steph,
    I am sorry that you didn’t enjoy my book, but I do have to say in my defense that
    #1 – it was my very first book that I had ever written and
    #2 – I mainly wrote the book as therapy for myself after the ill-fated relationship.
    Yes, I am the Patrick Alloy character in my book. I’m sure most guys are “smarter than that”, but I am a hopeless romantic who really fell hard for my “Beth” and was hoping for a different end to my story. It just never happened.

    After writing the book, I decided to have some fun with it such as using the last names of Alloy & Lodestone which are elements that are magnetically attracted to each other. I also used dates that meant something in my life such as my birthday, her birthday, etc.
    Finally I secretly slipped her real first name into the first line of the book, “Life In Suspended Animation.”

    Again the book was meant to help me work out my feelings & I thought it would be a common experience everyone could relate to. And again, sorry you didn’t enjoy it. But please check out my other books…I just had a historical book out last year & am currently writing another.

    Take care…Shawn

    • Shawn,
      I am honored to recieve a reply from you. I felt like a giddy school girl who recieved a reply from a famous author.
      I’m not going to “defend” my review but I just wanted to say a couple things while I can!
      1.) THANK YOU for reading my blog. It’s new to me. I love reading, it is a real passion of mine and I thought maybe a blog could help with the crummy job market not only in my town but the country. I still have layout kinks to work out and I am trying to keep my writing fresh. I am not the best writer and by using this blog I am hoping to expand on that.
      2.) When I said guys are “smarter than that”, that’s a compliment to the male gender. In my life I have been the one to hang on after a guy dumped me. I have been in love many times, but I love being in love and only just found my life partner 2 years ago (life partner sounds like I am a lesbian, but his name is Johnny). So I completely agree that it is a commom experience people could relate to. That is why in the 1st sentence I said “it sucks” as in being in that experience sucks, we HAVE all been there.
      3.) For a 1st book I gave it 2 out of 5 “stars” which I think is pretty good. But you also have to think that out of all the books the publishing company gave me to choose from (and there are hundreds) – I chose yours! So be proud of that!
      I hope that when I write my 1st book, you would have the chance to review it and give me your honest opinion! I am glad that your theraputical experience of writing the book made you money because my book is being written to work out some of my personal issues and desires and conflict. 🙂
      Thank you again for writing to me…now I can brag that an author personally wrote to me! I will definately have to check out your other works. Keep on writing and don’t be surprised if you hear from me again!
      With Love, Stephanie

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