“A Silent Cry” by Pearla Gillespie Harvey


This book is written by the main character’s aunt because she cannot read or write, but she needed her story to be heard, for others and for herself. This is a true story and names have been changed to protect privacy.

When Clair was 5 years old, Uncle Stanly pulled Clair into his bedroom, pulled down her underwear and touched her all over. He put his penis in her vagina and she tried to yell out in pain, but he put his hand over her mouth. Whenever Stanly drove, he sat Clair on his lap with his penis inside her. He told everyone he loved her and that she was his girl.

When Clair fought to not go to Uncle Stanly’s house, her mother would beat her. One day Clair noticed that Stanly gave her money and sometimes drugs. Stanly used Clair two or three times a week, other men used her less. When Clair was 8 years old. Stanly put his penis inside her mouth for the first time.

Clair’s mother was a beautiful singer who practiced witchcraft and was very popular. She would draw crosses on Clair to get rid of the evil spirits. She made Clair steal from Goodwill. She made Clair hide in a closet when her band came over because it didn’t look good to see that she had an older child (she had Clair at 14) and threatened to kill her. One day she started bleeding and her mother made her wait until practice was over. At the emergency room, her mother yelled at her for making her miss an appointment that a guard had to be posted. Turned out that Clair had a miscarriage and lost so much blood that she was minutes from death. No one cared to ask how or why she was pregnant at such a young age. Clair tried to tell her mother about Uncle Stanly, but she said there was nothing she could do and he did it to her when she was young.

Her mother’s friends made Clair shoot drugs into their arms. Clair was beaten everyday with an extension cord. She was numb to it by 9. At 13, a teacher asked about the scars and the family decided to send Clair to New York to her Aunt Carol’s. A man molested her on the bus for 2 1/2 days. She was put into a mental hospital. They tried to press charges but couldn’t do anything because she was out-of-town. Talking to the psychiatrist she thought her Mom was God, she didn’t know that what was happening in her life was not normal.

All of this happened until she was thirteen. The book is written until she is 43 years old in 1997. Imagine what the rest of the book says.

For full book synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Gillespie_Harvey__Pearla.html

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



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