“The Red Satin Slip” by Rizzy

Helen Marshall shows off her new red satin slip to her husband, Justin. He, to Helen’s knowledge, starts taking pictures with a camera that has no film in it. However, it does, because three weeks later she finds a clipping of a magazine on her door. The photo looks like her, but just to make sure, she compares it to her passport photo. She doesn’t believe it until the middle of the night when a lightbulb goes off in her head and she remembers the slip.

In the preceding weeks, Helen knew in her heart that her marriage was over, but she wanted proof that Justin sent in the photo, but came up empty-handed. During this time the newpapers are trying to figure out who this “Red Temptress” is. There is a reward of one million pounds for the person who can identify who this mystery woman is.

Will the sneaky Justin turn in his wife for one million pounds? What is Helen going to do about…everything? You are going to have to buy the book to find out.

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

For full book synopsis and review visit http://booksbysteph.com/Rizzy.html

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



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