“Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” by James Patterson

There are two stories in this book, the one that is happening in present day and the one that happened in the past.

Katie Wilkinson is devestated that the love of her life, Matthew Harrison, broke up with her unexpectedly and so suddenly. She could not understand why he broke up with her. He gave her no reason. And the only time that they ever fought was when she wanted to know about his past, which he refused to talk about. The next day, Katie found a package from Matt. Inside was a leatherbound book that said Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas. Attached was a letter from Matt hoping that this diary will help explain things better.


Suzanne Bedford is a physician who has been running herself ragged. While taking her dog, Gus, for a walk in the park, she was crippled with the pain of a hearta attack. Suzanne had to have a coronary bypass. She was 35 years old. She decided to simplify her life and move to Martha’s Vineyard and have a practice there. Suzanne bought an amazing house, but it needed a lot of work. Referred to her was Matthew Harrison (aka Picasso). She never really thought about him except when she heard the noises of his work on the house, but one day she found flowers on her doorstep from Matt. He asked her on a date and she accepted. They were inseperatable from then on. They were married on December 31st (to bring in the New Year as a married couple). Suzanne became pregnant. During the pregnancy, Suzanne kept a diary to give to Nicholas. While this was a high risk pragnancy for her, due to her heart, baby Nicholas entered the world. 

The last entry in the diary was a letter to Nicholas from Matt. How will Katie react knowing Matt is married? Where was Suzanne and Nicholas during the time Katie and Matt were together? Will Katie ever understand why Matt left her?

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

For full book synopsis and review visit http://booksbysteph.com/Patterson__James.html

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



2 thoughts on ““Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” by James Patterson

    • I am definately going to read more from him. He is one of the more famous authors, but I hadn’t gotten around to him until I saw the Lifetime Movie. Same situation happened with Jodi Picoult, but I read her books before I saw the movie “The Pact” on Lifetime.

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