“Too Hot to Handle” by Norma Tadlock Johnson

Angie Evans step-father, Stewart, was found dead in his hot tub. The coroner and police are ruling it an accidental death due to intoxication, enough that would make him pass out and basically, cook himself to death. Stewart’s attorney, Brad, keeps trying to  wrap up the estate, but Angie refuses to deal with it.

Brad got Angie to go to the bank and open Stewart’s safe-deposit box. Enclosed were two envelopes. Stewart left a large amount of money to Angie but he only worked at a department store, so she started to question where all the money came from. Asking questions travels around a small town quickly. Immediately, someone, a female, broke into the house and stole one of the envelope. Inside the envelope was evidence of the wrong doings of the people in the town and Stewart was blackmailing them all. The envelope was stolen to get rid of any evidence. However, this mystery woman decides to play blackmailer as well and people from the community start to accuse Angie.

Instead of going to the police, Angie and Brad try to track down the blackmailer themselves. In the process, they almost get Angie killed. That is when they decided to go to the police with the information they have gathered. Will they track down the person who is blackmailing again? Is Stewart’s death accidental? Who is trying to kill Angie? With all the time Angie and Brad are spending together…will something come out of it? And if Angie does not want the money, what happens to it all?

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

For full book synopsis and review visit http://booksbysteph.com/Tadlock_Johnson__Norma.html

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



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