“Ascent from Darkness” by Michael Leehan

“How Satan’s Soldier Became God’s Warrior”
Michael Leehan states that everything written in the book is true. That his “goal is to tell the truth about [his] dark and torturous journey into Satanism and how the Lord spared [him] from a tragic ending.”

Satan’s deception is built on sex, lust and pleasures of the flesh. Leehan’s mission was to take lukewarm Christian women and put her far away from God’s will. “I was willing to trade the constant depression for the self-gratification and the power surges this life brought to me.” Wicked craft became like a drug and he was an addict. To find out how Satan affected Leehan and what Leehan did in the world, you are going to have to read the book.

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

For a full synopsis and review go to http://www.booksbysteph.com/Leehan__Michael.html

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



6 thoughts on ““Ascent from Darkness” by Michael Leehan

  1. I wouldnt normally reply to such a writing, however I felt the Lord impressed on me to just tell you He loves you. I love you. My hope is you have peace in your life that only our Father can give. Have a great week and I pray the Zlord’s blessings upon you and your household!

    Michael leehan

    • Michael,
      Thank you for your comments. It’s always nice to get feedback and it’s super special to get feedback from the authors themselves. I tried to kill myself a few times, but no matter how hard I pushed that knife into my skin, it wouldn’t break…that’s when I first started to believe there was a higher power out there. I do not attend a church (too political) and wish I had time to read the Bible (and I have a few), but I love the Lord in my way, just like you do. I have been blessed to be part of and witness a miracle. There is no more proof that I need to know that the Lord has blessed me. And I thank you for your blessings. Michael, I really did like your book, it was a page turner. It was well written. I think what bothers me the most is part of the title “How Satan’s Soldier became God’s Warrior.” I just did not feel like you did anything remotely wrong in the sense you would call yourself Satan’s Soldier. I believe that you think you saw the Devil’s ghosts in your closet, but just because you see them, or hear them marching down your hall, or feel them on your chest but that does not make you a soldier. You did a few “shame on you” type things but you shared nothing that would put you in the league of a soldier (I’m no Army wife or anything, I’m starting to sound like a soundboard for soldiers). Like I said before, I liked your book if it was a work of fiction, but I cannot take your title and read your book and think the two should go together. Again, THANK YOU so much for leaving a comment! It always makes me like a giddy school girl when I get a comment from an author. And when you write more books and become on the best sellers list and you come to my town to sign autographs…I’m sure you will remember me. 🙂 I look forward to read any new books you write. I never cast off an author, that would not be the purpose of my blog and soon to be website. Many blessings to you and your family and those around you. The Lord is my savior and has shown me a miracle, a real miracle (taking something dead and bringing it back to life). I have been truly blessed. Thank you again and I hope we can talk again soon!

      Until next time, take life one page at a time!

  2. “He takes no responsibility for his actions, he blames every thing on the devil.”

    I’m quite sure he would disagree despite his not saying so if that is actually he who commented above. The only for him to come to Jesus Christ is for him to acknowledge his sin, that is taking responsibility for it, and acknowledging his need for the Saviour.

  3. THANK YOU for your comment!! It’s nice to know that people actually read what I have to say. 🙂 I wish you would have told me if you read the book or not. Yes, this book acknowledged his sins, blaming Satanism for the things he did before he hit rock bottom and that is where he found God. That is the point of his book, how Satan over took his life until he just broke down and pleaded to God and with God’s response he found Christ and that is an amazing thing! It took a lot for me to find God as well, but I cannot blame any of my actions on some one else…only myself. I found God my way and he found God his way and yes, when it all comes down to it, in the end he found God and that is all that really matters!

  4. To understand the soldier aspect of Michael’s actions, I recommend that you watch the movie “Enemy At The Gates”. The portrayal of soldiers whose soul purpose in WWII was to spread propaganda and the importance of that mission and the sacrifices they made to do so, will possibly enlighten you to the truth in the title. Words are powerful tools. The Word of God is a mighty weapon. Words only have to be read or heard, and then entertained with thought for them to begin to work and penetrate to the heart and soul. This is true for both the scripture of the Almighty God, and the lies of Satan. Thank you for your boldness to give an honest opinion, and may the Word of the Lord live so deep within your heart and mind that joy and peace overflow and follow you wherever you go.

    • Jeremy,

      THANK YOU for your comment! I could kick myself because that movie was on TV last night and I just checked the DVR schedule and it is not on any time soon. Though I will keep an eye out for it and watch it from the perspective as it would relate to this book.

      You are so right about the power of words. And it really affects those who surcomb to peer pressures. If there was one thing I was raised with was NOT to talk about politics or religion…because it always end up with fighting. My extended family is deeply religious but my immediate family lacks the disipline and has their own views. Maybe though, that is why Michael targeted a certain type of person in these church groups. But wouldn’t Satan want him or anyone to change the minds, or put doubt in the minds of the devoted religious person? Wouldn’t that be more of a victory for Satan?

      My review has caused a tad bit of controversy and I LIKE IT! That is what I want with this blog, not only to give a small synopsis of the book and how I felt about it, but to have debate so anyone thinking of purchasing books can get other views or showing something I overlooked or took in a different view than another would. So this excites me very much (may sound pathetic but in a world where you have to basically make your own joy, this is a joy for me)!

      Until next time, take life one page at a time!

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