“One Good Man” by Virginia Foster


Dr. Diane Redfield is a successful psychologist in Florida. She is unmarried, but has amazing friends, family and her dog, Paul, who greets her at the door every day.

While Diane focuses on a patient who’s husband cheated on her and molested his daughter, she gave little interest in Melinda Morgan. Her diagnosis is histrionic personality disorder. Basically, everything Diane tells her goes in one ear and out the other and is a drama queen, from her attitude to her appearance. Diane focuses Melinda’s sessions on her mooch of a boyfriend, Cliff.

Diane attends Dr. Bob Callahan’s lecture on repressed memories. Bob is a psychiatrist who’s wife passed away and has a teenage daughter. Diane is smitten with the man she says looks like Harrison Ford and very excited when Bob calls to ask her out. They become exclusive.

Bob’s father has a heart attack and has to have bypass surgery. Bob takes the next possible flight. While he was away, Diane had a therapy session with Melinda. She told Diane that another therapist took her to his home and had sex with her. Melinda brings proof to substantiate her accusations that it was Dr. Callahan. Melinda tells Diane that Cliff talked her into suing him for malpractice. Diane is heart broken. Doctor / Patient confidentiality forbids Diane to continue her sessions with Melinda and she cannot see Bob anymore because it is all a conflict of interest. She breaks up with Bob without an explanation. When he gets served the papers, he realizes why Diane broke up with him and denies any wrong doing.

Diane was subpoenaed for a deposition in the Melinda vs Bob lawsuit. Everyone was shocked when Diane told them she had dated Bob. When she got home from the deposition, Diane felt something was wrong. She could not put her finger on it, but felt it in her gut. When Diane opens her door for a flower delivery, the real adventure begins.

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

For full synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Foster__Virginia.html

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



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