“They Thought for Themselves” by Sid Roth and Others

“Ten Amazing Jews”

Sid Roth declares that “[t]his book is the result of a dream [he] had in which [he] was instructed to find and interview Jewish people who broke through the mold of their previous experiences to achieve their destiny.” The common denominator of all these people is that “[t]hey all thought for themselves and dared to confront the forbidden.”

By David Yaniv – “Paralyzed…Learn to Live With It!”

After his father’s two sisters, one brother and their families were killed during WWII in Nazi Germany, he took every bible and every thing religious and threw it away saying, “Where was God? How could God allow such a thing to happen?” The home became an atheistic home.

David married a South African girl and lived there for 12 ½ years. They had two sons. They moved to Israel and lived on a moshav so his wife and sons could learn Hebrew, but they did not want to move to the big town. On the moshav, David was assigned to milk cows when he slipped on a wet spot. Two visits to the hospital revealed there was nothing wrong but the pain in his back was getting worse. A friend arranged for David to go to a different hospital and found out her had two slipped discs, one of which was completely compressed and the other one was missing a piece.

A quick surgery was supposed to repair the injury. However, when David woke up, he could not feel anything from the waist down. The doctor admitted he made a mistake; he cut too deep and severed the nerves needed for walking. The doctor told him, “Learn to live with it.” David became the center of his own worst pity party, but he still held hope that he could walk. When everyone else, including his wife, accepted a handicapped David, he spent 7 ½ years trying everything imaginable to heal himself. But eventually, even he gave up.

Find out how a Jew stumbling across a Christian based TV show leads to a miracle!

By Jonathan Bernis – “No Place for a Good Jewish Boy”

Jonathan grew up very Jewish. Religious schools and Hebrew school taught him the Jewish vs. Christian mentality (Jews against Christians). He learned more about what Jews did not believe than what they did believe. A silver lining – Christians embraced the Old Testament which was the Torah to Jews.

The assistant coach of his school’s wrestling team was the leader of a high school outreach called Young Life. He was always smiling and that fascinated Jonathan. He gave Jonathan a bible but Jonathan tossed it into the back of his closet. Years later, through a series of events, Jonathan returned for that bible to read the New Testament and was amazed at his discovery.

By Rose Price – “The Survivor”

Rose lived during the time of the Holocaust in Poland. When she was ten years old, she was kicked out of school for being a Jew. Germans took her and her older sister when they were on their way to Grandma’s house. They had to work in the ammunition factory. Rose prayed to God for Him to send her mother but since she never came, Rose concluded there was no God.

After six years, they were finally liberated. Rose needed 27 operations. She hated Germans and was an unforgiving woman. She lost everyone in her family, nearly 100 relatives, except her sister and one Aunt. Rose came to America, married and had kids. She did not believe in God but maintained her Jewish identity and traditions for her children.

The Nazi’s told Rose that since the Jews killed Jesus, He hated her and put her into the concentration camp. So when her oldest daughter came home and told her mother she believed in Jesus, Rose threw her out of the house. She beat her youngest daughter. Her husband believed in God as well. A lawyer told Rose if she left her husband, she would be put in jail for deserting her minor children. Rose tried to teach her children to reject Jesus and finally told them what happened in the concentration camps.

Her rabbi kicked her out of the synagogue when she came to him with questions about the bible that her family was pushing on her. An invitation to a dinner at a wealthy businessman’s house was the first step to changes in Rose’s life.

By Alyosha Ryabinov – “A New Song”

Alyosha was born in Kiev in the former Soviet Union. Atheism was the religion of the country, but he was Jewish. His family had to hide their religion. Alyosha came from a family of artist and musicians. He studied piano. In spite of the difficulties to get into college because he was a Jew – he did. He could not get into the conservatory because his grandfather emigrated to the U.S. and became known as a traitor.

Alyosha wanted out of the country then but the authorities made it almost impossible. He had to wait for approval. But what if he was denied? He could not work because everyone accused him of being a traitor.

By Sharon R. Allen – “Yiddishkeit”

Sharon was raised in an observant Jewish home. She married a man with a similar Jewish background and gave birth to Elisa. After a few years, they got a divorce. Sharon worked in New York’s ‘Garment Center’ but with Elisa’s allergies to the winter months, they moved to California.

Sharon got her real estate license and worked in an office of a man who became her husband. Though Protestant, business was his religion. Ron embraced Sharon’s Jewish traditions as his own. He adopted Elisa. Talk of Ron converting to Judaism became more serious, especially for an observant Jew. Converting consisted of three steps. First – circumcision, but Ron was already circumcised so the rabbi would draw blood from his penis as a symbolic gesture. Second – To be immersed in water to symbolize purification and identification. Third – renounce prior beliefs.

Ron agreed to convert but not to the third step. He could not renounce Jesus. Sharon was horrified! She grabbed her Jewish Bible and sat down to read in order to prove to her husband that Jesus was a myth.

By Sid Roth – “There Must Be Something More!”

You have to read the author’s story on your own!

By Michael L. Brown, PH.D. – “Tradition or Truth? What I Learned About Rabbinic Judaism”

A rabbi asked Michael if he could not read Hebrew then how can he tell what the bible says. Michael went on a mission to learn Hebrew and other languages. He wanted to read all relevant texts in the original languages. Michael studied 15 Near Eastern languages. Once accused of reading the Scriptures through rose-colored glasses, Michael found out who really wore those rose-colored glasses.

By Batya Segal – “Bat Shalom: Daughter of Zion”

Batya’s father instilled in her “a love for and firm belief in God and His word.”

In June 1967, Israel found herself in the Six Day War or ‘Miracle War’. Batya’s father and brothers were called to serve while the rest of the family waited it out in the basement of a neighbor. On the second day, Israel was reunited with Jerusalem.

As she grew up, Batya began to question her teachings and needed to break away and find what makes her comfortable and happy. What will bring her peace and a closer relationship with God?

By Manny Brotman – “The Amazing Jewish Book and the God-Shaped Hole in My Soul”

In us exists a void, an emptiness that cannot be filled with material things or accomplishments. Manny calls this void “the God-shaped hole in [our] soul,” reserved for God to “live in each of us personally.”

Manny’s personal search to understand how to have a personal relationship with God:
– Religion – while raised a Jew, Manny did not feel he could live his whole life only for religion.
– Academics – while graduating high school and college with honors, he could not live a life for a string of doctorate degrees after his name.
– Sports – excelled in football, baseball, basketball and table tennis, but he could not live a life for only sporting accomplishments.
– Business – worked from the bottom all the way up the ladder to corporate president, but he could not live a life for only business accomplishments.
– Media – there had to be something more.

The Credentials of the Amazing Jewish Book:
1.) The Re-establishment of the State of Israel
2.) The Restoration of Hebrew, ‘The Pure Language’
3.) The Miraculous Defeat of Israel’s Enemies in Four Major Wars
4.) Agricultural Miracles Would Occur When the Jews Returned to Israel
5.) The Jews Would Return to Israel From the Land of the North

The Five Jewish Laws (the spiritual laws that govern our relationship with Him):
Law 1 Tells of God’s Purpose…
Law 2 Reveals Man’s Problem…
Law 3 Explains God’s Plan…
A.) You Cannot Remove Sin by Your Own Human Efforts
B.) Sin Can Only Be Removed by Faith – Believing What God Says and Acting Upon It
C.) Faith Must Be Placed in God’s Provided Blood of Atonement
Law 4 Shows God’s Passion…
Law 5 Gives Man’s Prerogative (A Free Will Choice)…

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

For full synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Roth__Sid.html

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



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