“The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young

“When Tragedy Confronts Eternity” as told by Mackenzie Allen Phillips

They call him the Little Ladykiller. FBI has been trying to catch him for four years, through nine states moving west. Missy would be the fifth child he abducted and leaving a ladybug pin as his calling sign, adding another black dot for each child he has taken. The previous four young girls have never been found and each was taken from a campsite or state park. He is an expert woodsman who leaves zero evidence, except the pin.

An extensive search leads investigators to a shack where they find Missy’s torn, blood-soaked dress. Search teams scoured the forest for days in search of Missy’s body but her coffin remains empty. Missy is officially presumed murdered.

Four years later, Mackenzie Allen Phillips finds an envelope in his mailbox with no stamp, no return address – just his name. Inside contained a single slip of paper, signed Papa, inviting him to the shack. Mack’s Dad beat him so bad that he left home at 13-years-old. The shack is the site of the most horrible event in his life. If he questioned God before, the shack made him an unbeliever.

His wife calls God Papa, but God  cannot send a letter! This sick joke angered Mack. Will going back to the shack give him the answers that he needs or will he get more than he ever bargained for?

For full reader synopsis and review go to http://booksbysteph.com/Young__Wm.html

If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

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