“Purgatory Reign” by L.M. Preston

BOOK_COVER_Purgatory ReignPeter Saint sneaks out of the group home he has been living in since his parents died. On his way to an underage dance club, a girl named Hannah calls out to him. Ever since he gave her a handout because he saw that she was homeless, she has been following him around. To get away from her quickly, Peter dodges traffic to cross the street. He never thought that with her cripple leg, Hannah would try to follow. But she did and she is struck by a car. Before she dies in Peter’s arms, Hannah tells him that she followed him because they told her to protect him, to give him a gift. She takes his hand and draws a circle with a squiggle of lines in it; it becomes burned into his hand. Peter runs back to Pastor Finn and tells him what happened and shows him the symbol. “It is time.”

For full reader synopsis and review, click http://booksbysteph.com/Preston__L.html

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