“The Awakening: Liam” by Abby Niles

BOOK COVER_The Awakening_LiamLiam Doyle is a shifter. He found his mate in Ava Michaels, but after six months of dating, she abruptly breaks up with him. She offers no reason.

Once a shifter finds his mate, he becomes bonded with her. Liam can feel all of Ava’s emotions. When Ava left him, Liam became debilitated with a condition called Dsershon. Forced to live the “dismal life of a bonded shifter…after being abandoned by his unbonded mate”. He was disconnected with the beast inside him. If his beast actually believed that Ava Dserted him, Liam would fall into Bahrraj, “completely lost in his mate’s emotions”. Frozen in a trance – feeling nothing but pain.

Eight months after their break-up, Liam can still strongly feel Ava’s emotions. He feels her fear. Completely submersed by her fear. She needs help, but Liam does not know where she is. Slowly he feels Ava die. He drives to her house to find Ava dead in her bedroom; so much blood everywhere. As he holds Ava out of anguish, someone creeps up behind him and sticks a needle into his neck and everything goes black.

When Liam wakes up, he finds himself in a padded room, like in a mental hospital. There is no way to escape. One wall is covered by a curtain. It opens and Liam is staring at Ave through a window, dead and strapped to a board that stands straight up, facing Liam. A door opens and a figure wearing a wolf mask enters the room. He injects a syringe into Ava. Liam watches and feels Ava come back to life.





I usually like to start my reviews with a simple word or sentence that illustrates my initial response after reading a book. Recently, especially from this publishing company, my first thought has been wow. To stop being redundant, I need another word for wow. In this case, I decided on two words – bewilderingly surprised.

I say bewildering because there are some paranormal terms used that I did not quite understand. Luckily, I found the first book, The Awakening: Aidan, on Scribed.com and got a better sense of the shifter vocabulary in this book. What you may believe is a spelling error is in fact not. It is how shifters in this book spell things in their world.

When Liam woke up in that padded room and saw Ava come back to life (I am not giving away anything here), I was shocked! From that dramatic moment on, the surprises kept on coming.

This book is a quick read, partly because it is really good. I read it in one evening. I needed to know what was going to happen next.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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