“The Demon’s Desire” by Kendra Leigh Castle

BOOK_COVER_The Demon_s DesireHearts of the Fallen, Book 2

Terra Noctem is an “underground city of vampires and other night creatures.” They are ruled by Justin, the Vampire King, and his sister. Though Drusilla refuses to call herself the Vampire Queen, she still maintains the status and respect of one.

Dru seems to be the only person that can calm down “an ornery fallen angel” named Meresin. Over the last two years, since the Fallen arrived at Terra Noctem seeking refuge, people have noticed that Dru and Meresin have some sort of connection. But Meresin hates everything and everybody and his anger gets worse every day. Still, Dru finds herself fixated on him.

Meresin is special. He is “the first of the Fallen with an element running through [his] veins, ready to call upon in an instant. A warrior unmatched Above or Below.” He is “the only Fallen who can command the lightning.”

The Infernal Council decided that Meresin was too dangerous to keep. He was becoming as unstable as his element. But he is “far too useful to kill.” Meresin needs to control his element and there was only one thing left to do – enter Purgatory and find the demon that bound the lightning to him in hope that he can undo it.





Sometimes you have to go to Hell and back to realize what you love in life.

This story was a struggle. Meresin Kept himself at a distance from everyone and everything. It was easier for him. Until he had to go to Purgatory. There, he had to face things for the first time. Meresin had to struggle between his inexperience, the unknown, and the dangers of Purgatory.

This is the first book that I have read where a vampire has a heartbeat.

I really enjoyed reading Meresin’s journey, but I felt that I was missing something. Almost as if the author wrote assuming the reader already knows things. It might be best to read the first book before this one.

The ending made me cry but I will not say if they were sad tears or happy tears. You will have to find that out for yourself.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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