Scott Naturals Toilet Paper

Sometimes I am asked to test products for companies. Better on a person than on an animal. I decided that these companies needed to be reviewed on a public forum. So, even though this website is about books, you may randomly come across other posts unrelated to books. Here is the most recent product that I tested:

Secret Swap LogoI swapped my traditional whatever-is-cheapest toilet paper roll with Scott Naturals. I do not have a family that I was supposed to “trick” into using; it is just me. But Scott Naturals had its work cut out for them because I was on my period during this challenge (sorry if that was too-much-information for some people). I am not quite sure how to review toilet paper so I will just make a list.



  • The design on the paper was pleasant to look at. Though after 30 years, toilet paper designs blend together.
  • What I noticed right away as a pulled a length from the Scott Naturals roll for the first time was how soft it was. It made my old roll feel like sandpaper. It felt like I was wiping myself with a cloud.
  • Just because it was soft, it does not mean it was not durable. While my previous roll would break apart in my hand, causing me to have to use more at one sitting, Scott Naturals was strong, so I did not have to use as much.
  • The roll of Scott Naturals the company sent me was the perfect size for the roll holder in my bathroom. I have one of those holders that is indented into the wall. Sometimes I buy rolls that I find are too large for my holding area and I have to keep it on the toilet tank until enough is used to put it on the roll.
  • Oh, I almost forgot! You know how when you first start a new roll of toilet paper and you have to pull it apart from the next layer? Other brands would rip and it would take a couple of spins before settling in its proper place. Scott Naturals did not rip! That was the first shock.

  • I did not have another roll of Scott Naturals to put on my holder when this free roll ran out!

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