“Forever Friday” by Timothy Lewis

BOOK_COVER_Forever FridayAdam Colby is the owner of a small estate-sale business. He was contracted to dissolve the Alexander estate. Gabe and Pearl Alexander had no children and most of their estate will be donated to charity. “However, their will included detailed instructions that certain sentimental items be delivered to various relatives…” Among the items passed over by buyers, Adam found an album, camouflaged by other photo albums, full of postcards. Adam realized that it was a diary of sorts, which chronicled the Alexander’s life together. “Each unique care was signed ‘Forever, Gabe’, [a] poem connecting an episode of their love to the picture on the front.” Every Friday for sixty years, Pearl received a postcard from her adoring husband.

Adam was “not sure [he] believed in love anymore, especially married love…” Haley, Adam’s wife of twelve years, divorced him for another man. “…[W]here had [they] gone wrong? What could [they] have done to prevent disaster?” Adam believed these postcards held the key. “…[W]hat supernatural love potion kept Gabe and Pearl enamored with each other for more than half a century?” Adam suspected it had something to do with what Gabe called, the Long Division. “[A] marriage was filled with numerous obligations that divided time spent together. If over the years those divisions were allowed to multiply, then the once-shared passions slowly separated into single-minded interests.”

Adam needed to find relatives of the Alexander’s to help fill in the blanks of their lives. The only person that would talk to him with any real content to contribute was Yevette Galloway. Her mother was the Alexander’s housekeeper for twenty-six years until her untimely death by a drunk driver. Yevette took care of Pearl in her final year, helping Pearl put the postcards into an album and hearing their life story. It started in 1926 when Pearl was buying oysters.






This book is a life-long journey of two people who believed they were soul mates. A true love story that spans sixty years and beyond. But this love was not perfect – no love is – and the postcards did not lie. Gabe and Pearl had their love to cling to through the Great Depression, the dangers of booming oil towns, an explosion so large it seemed like a bomb was dropped, WWII, but also wonderful events, like grand openings of hotels and restaurants.

I liked the book format though I wish Adam’s meetings with Yevette started a chapter of the Alexander’s life instead of the other way around.

And I would have liked to have read more about Adam and Yevette. After all, Yevette wore the two-shell necklace but I did not feel like she had a reason to.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!






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