“The Temple of Indra’s Jewel” by Rachael Stapleton

Temple of Indra's Jewel Cover Final (1)While snorkeling near Cannes, Nick found the perfect cliff on which to propose on. But anger overwhelmed him when Sophia Marcil said no to joining the family business in Europe. He grabbed her neck and leaned her over the cliff. When Sophia clawed at him to breathe, Nick let her go and Sophia tumbled off the cliff. The last thing Sophia remembers is swirling water with something metallic inside, almost beckoning her.

When Sophia wakes up, she is told she was rescued by Graf Viktor Wilhelm Alexander Ferdinand of Wurttemberg. That is was 1857 and she was Princess Sapphira Alexandrie de Monaco. After finding the real Princess’s diary, Sophia knows she must get to town and find a man named Rochus who may be able to help her. Not believing her story at first, he notices Sophia is wearing a ring that contained pieces of the Delhi Purple Sapphire. The real Princess wore an amulet with a chip of the gem inside, hidden under her dress.

Believing Sophia now, Rochua explains that the Princess thought her brother was in danger because she was going to refuse marriage. He gave her an enlightenment potion that “should have helped her foresee the future, allowed her to communicate in spirit with her ancestors, possibly even descendants, to obtain insight.” But the Delhi Purple Sapphire “is very powerful, believed to affect time…” Rochus thinks that is “why [Sophia] crossed when Sapphira drank the potion.” Since they “were both in possession of the same magic…it brought [Sophia back in time] to help [Sapphira] somehow…” Though neither Rochus or Sophia know why.


If I gave 1/2 stars, this book would get one added to its rating.

This book captivated me from the first page!

Though, sometimes I was just as confused as Sophia was. But that is only because the author took time to get real facts about events that happened in history…I assume. Either that or she has a heck of an imagination! She also had to perfect different languages which is pretty impressive if you ask me!

Throughout most of the book, I felt like I was right there with Sophia. Wondering who and what to trust; trying to figure out why things where happening and making the same mistakes Sophia did. 

The only thing that really upset me was that I have to wait for book 2! At least I hope there is a book 2. Or maybe, like Sophia’s time traveling, the reader is stuck in a position of wonder…

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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