“Dewey the Library Cat” by Vicki Myron

BOOK_COVER_Dewey the Library CatA True Story

It had been the coldest night of the winter season in Spencer, Iowa. Fifteen below zero, not factoring in the wind chill. “It was the kind of cold that made it almost painful to breathe.”

Vicki Myrons opened the Spencer Public Library Monday morning. When she went to pull books out of the library drop box, she heard a weird noise. Something was in the box. “It was as cold in the box as it was outside, maybe colder, since the box was lined with metal.” Vicki locked eyes with a kitten that “was eight weeks old, but looked like it was barely eight days old. It was so thin [she] could see every rib. [She] could feel its heart beating, its lungs pumping. The poor kitten was so weak it could barely hold its head, and it was shaking uncontrollably. It opened its mouth, but the sound was weak and ragged.”

After a few baths, the kitten was a long-haired orange tabby. “What should we do with him?” “Maybe we can keep him.”



This book is the story of the life of the most famous library cat – Dewey Readmore Books.

Each chapter of this book is another story about Dewey, chronicling his life in the Spencer Library. You will laugh, you will cry and if you have owned a cat, you will understand.

This is what author Vicki Myron had to say about Dewey – “Find your place. Be happy with what you have. Treat everyone well. Live a good life. It isn’t about material things: it’s about love. Those are the lessons Dewey taught me. But he also taught me something else: you never know when you’ll fall in love.”

For more books about cats, go to http://www.booksbysteph.com.

Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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