“Fury” by Elizabeth Miles

BOOK_COVER_FuryFury Trilogy, Book 1

Before Gabby Dove leaves Maine on a family vacation to Spain, Sasha Bowlder tries to commit suicide. She throws herself off an overpass and now lays comatose in the hospital.

Gabby asks her best friend, Emily Winters, to keep an eye on her boyfriend, Zach McCord, while she is away. Gabby does not think that her best friend would hook up with her boyfriend.

When Chase Singer leaves a party, he comes across three gorgeous girls stranded on the side of the road. Chase takes one of the girls, Ty, to get gas. There is something about Ty that attracts Chase; it is like electricity. Every thing that is bad seems to go away when she is near. He opens up to Ty in a way he has never opened up to anyone before. Chase allows her to take photographs of him naked. The photos show a painfully raw Chase Singer. He does not even stay mad at Ty when he walks into school and finds flyers of his nakedness taped to all the walls.

Emily thinks Zach is going to break up with Gabby when she comes home. However, Chase pulls the rose-colored glasses off her face and shows her the lying, cheating guy Zach really is. A stranger wearing a red scarf around her neck tells Gabby what Emily did and Emily becomes branded a slut, yet Zach remains innocent.

Emily spends New Years in Boston and seems to be followed by a blond girl with a creepy smile. This girl is appearing everywhere. Even outside her window. Emily learns that Ty, the stranger in the red scarf, and the smiling blond woman are furies; like ghosts. They extract revenge on people who have done wrong. They seem quite interested in Emily and Chase.



Very interesting plot. Who decides the consequences of your bad actions? This is a whole new take on and eye-for-an-eye.

I felt Emily’s fear of the blond woman. Who would not have been afraid of someone they think is a stalker. But I could not feel the connection Ty has over Chase, especially enough to take nude photographs. And I do not get that neither main character did not point the weird stuff out to their friends. JD knew everything about Emily but did not believe her when she, poorly, tried to tell him. If my best friend came to me with comments about ghosts, I would be leery but I would listen and help her figure things out.

Definitely a lot of high school feelings and attitudes.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!


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