“Ruby Hill” by Sarah Ballance

BOOK_COVER_Ruby Hill“Ruby Hill Deaths Attributed to Phantom Killer”

Unexplained deaths “inside the dismal, abandoned halls” of the Ruby Hill Lunatic Asylum have the police baffled and the paranormal investigators flocking. The public wants answers. The police department decided to let a paranormal investigating team into the asylum to “discredit the ghost theory… People are more likely to listen to them say it isn’t true.”

Police officer Corbin Malone is assigned to watch over the team the department asked to investigate. What no one told him is the leader of the team is his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Pearce. Corbin blames Ashley for his brother’s death just six months earlier. Unlike his brother, Corbin does not believe in ghosts. 

In the last two weeks, two women have died inside the closed down asylum. Both died from sudden cardiac arrest. No one knows why the women were there or what caused the sudden heart attacks. The police have no evidence and no leads. Maybe the paranormal investigating team can find something.



This novella is all about connections, but I did not feel a connection to the story.

While the plot of the story is very simple, the writing was as confusing as the descriptions of the maze of hallways in the asylum. As opposed to a full story, I felt like I was thrown into the middle of the story. I think that if this book was turned into a novel and more time was spent on the content, this could have been a very frightening read.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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