“Haunted Chemistry” by Lindsey Loucks

BOOK_COVER_Haunted ChemistryIt has been three weeks since Alexis has moved into her new apartment. She needs to do her laundry. As she is about to enter the basement door, she runs into her lab partner from last semester’s Chemistry class. Alexis is still harboring angry feelings that Ian stood her up for their first date and disappeared all summer without a word. Ian makes polite conversation but never mentions the date that never was.

In the basement laundry room, “there’s a wall of storage cupboards. Each one is about three feet wide and three feet tall with padlocks hooked into the latches.” Alexis throws her clothes into the washing machine when one of the cupboard doors swings open by itself. Terrified, Alexis runs out of the basement and straight into Ian’s arms. He was coming back to explain to Alexis why he did not show up for their date. Alexis explains why she is scared, so Ian goes to investigate. Everything is okay.

When they return to the laundry room together, Ian stops dead in his tracks. The cupboard door was open again. The same cupboard he securely locked. they watch as a hand appears to come through the boxes that are in the cupboard. Next comes a head of blond hair. Alexis and Ian turn to run when they see the other hand come through.


I really do hate giving this type of review.

This novella is completely ridiculous. The story is good but the way that it is written is unbelievable (and not in a good way).


I have had a small fear of basements my entire life. The main character in this book, Alexis, has never feared a basement but all of a sudden is afraid of this basement before she even enters it. I do not buy her beginning fears. Then, Alexis and Ian see a ghost coming through boxes in the cupboard and they confront it. Not only do they confront a ghost, but they do so with salt. Salt is supposed to kill ghosts. Really? You are going after a ghost armed with only salt? They do not take some time to Google other things? I understand that Alexis wanted to get her cat back. I probably would have gone straight after the ghost without salt, but come on.

I am so confused about the holes and the cupboards. Someone explain how a kitchen cupboard is supposed to be big enough to fit a person but not big enough to see a hole the size of a person. And after the two break through the basement cupboard, description goes haywire. I could not visualize the area.

Then, minutes after they kill the ghost, they have sex. There is no more mention about cuts or the bleeding coming from Alexis’s head. There is no talk about dirt and sweat and cobwebs. It was like they were completely clean for their first sexual encounter. A good man would have put me in the shower to make sure the cut on my head did not need stitches…then we would probably have sex in the shower.

And I really take offense to the author having Alexis call herself the crazy cat lady. She had one cat that she had for two or three months and that makes her a crazy cat lady? That is completely offensive to people who own cats. Including me, who has rescued four cats near death. One cat has both front arms amputated – EXTREMELY RARE! That does not make me a crazy cat lady! That makes me a hero to those cats, an advocate for their lives, a dedicated animal lover and someone who has enough patience and compassion to deal with handicapped animals!

This story was just not believable. The only thing that I believe in this story is that quarters are sacred.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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