“Northern Light” by E.J. Russell

BOOK_COVER_Northern LightInvestigator Luke Morganstern has found his “personal Holy Grail of art fraud” – a fake Arcoletti. Jeremiah Arcoletti was an American realist painter. He “[d]isappeared in 1945 along with all thirteen canvases from his last collection.” Someone was painting Arcoletti’s last collection and claiming them to be real. A mystery client of Luke’s points him to a shack in the mountains. When Luke knocks on the door, he never thought he would see Stefan Cobbe.

Stefan and Luke were lovers and have not seen each other in seven years. Pride and jealousy pulled them apart but the love has never gone. Stefan is shocked by Luke’s accusations that he is committing art fraud. To be honest, Stefan knew he was painting but he does not know what. He wakes up in the morning with no knowledge of what is on the canvas and he is always too scared to look. Can the man he still loves turn him over to the authorities for something he cannot remember doing, yet did?



Very interesting story. And it was made more unique by having the lovers be homosexual. I think that make the story more intriguing because I have not read many stories with same sex partners.

I got a little confused as to which ghost they were talking about at times but it had all the horrors of what a ghost can do. Did you know a ghost can put another ghost in their place? It made me laugh. This ghost story really makes you think and know that love transcends all time.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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