“One Thousand and One Nights” by Ruth Browne

BOOK_COVER_One Thousand and One NightsIt has been five years since the infection spread throughout the world. Sheri and her younger sister were invited to join other survivors at an impenetrable fortress in a Midwestern mountain range. Sheri was unique. She was “[b]itten, corrupted, but still living.” The community was afraid of her and thought “the King of the castle” was “weak for letting Sheri live.”

But they kept Sheri on a short leash, literally. She was chained to walls, moved with shackles, never able to get close to anyone, including her sister. She does not leave this “humiliation and hatred, for the sake of a sister, a safe place, and the sound of human voices.” “[S]he spent a lot of her time pretending she wasn’t desperate for human companionship. Ninety-nine percent of the earth’s population dead, and these few last living souls were too afraid even to be in the same room with her.”

The only privilege she gets is to ride her motorcycle to surrounding cities and collect books from libraries. The King, Alex, loves to listen to her read the stories to him. Everyone else hopes she never returns. On a mission to get gas, Sheri gets bitten again and no one knows if this bite will change her. The six before haven’t. Finally, the community gets to ask the inevitable question to Alex – the community or Sheri?



I enjoyed this book. I love a good zombie tale.

I am humbled to read what Sheri had to go through just so her little sister stayed safe. Though you cannot help to understand both sides of the situation. Even though Sheri had to endure what she had to in this book, she was lucky that a man like Alex watched over her, making sure she did not turn into a zombie and bite everyone in the fortress.

I thought the format of the book was creative. It runs day-to-day with little flashbacks that set-up the back-story. Bonus – it all makes sense!

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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