“Mercy” by Jan Coffey

BOOK_COVER_Mercy“Every minute of Julia [Klein’s] day was a fight for survival.” She lost her husband in a car wreck two years ago, Their daughter, Amy, spent hours trapped in the car with her dead father. Amy has not spoken a word since. She is also being bullied at school so she brought Julia’s pepper spray and non-verbally threatened the kids. Boston considers pepper spray a weapon, so technically, Amy brought a weapon to school. Now she is suspended from school “for violet behavior, pending the results of an investigation and further psychological testing.”

The hospital where Julia works is being bought out so she is losing her job and health insurance. With the huge debt her late husband left her, how will Julia pay for the therapy sessions Amy goes to twice a week for her psychological trauma? To top it all off, her boyfriend, Garrett, was transferred to Atlanta for work. “[Julia] knew that there could be no happily ever after. She had too much baggage for any man to want to hang around for any extended time.”

So Julia packs up Amy and goes to Newport for the weekend “to separate the two of them from all the troubles, routines, schedules, and tensions in their lives.” The Inn they are staying at is haunted, allegedly, by a six-year-old girl and her mother. While exploring the room, Amy finds a new friend – a six-year-old girl she can see through named Mercy.


This novella packs a punch! My heart was racing at the end. Racing in a this is good horror kind of way.

This author has a very unique talent. She is able to pack a lot of information into sixty-some pages, but does not overwhelm you. When I was reading, I thought, “How can she tell this story novella-style?” As I continued to read, my thoughts changed to …well, they changed to focus more on the story because I wanted to find out what was happening.

I never really understood novella, so I never bothered to waste my time reading them. But color this girl impressed! The book made me understand the joy of a novella and the talent of their authors.

For more novellas, go to http://www.booksbysteph.com.

Until next time, live life one page at a time! 




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