“Wish Upon a Star” by Michelle McLean

BOOK_COVER_Wish Upon a Star“Notorious Criminal Peter Crickett Gunned Down in Robbery Gone Bad”

Four years ago, Peter was in a horrific car crash that left him for dead, until Russell Saxton stepped in. Russell was the owner of Saxton Technologies and Peter’s father was a research scientist there. “Despite federal regulations forbidding the testing of cyborg prosthetics on human subjects…Peter had become the world’s only living cyborg, more machine than man, but still…a living, breathing, functioning member of society.”

Peter had become “Russell’s lead henchman, he most likely did all of Russell’s dirty work.” Now that Peter is dead, Russell will not give the Crickett family Peter’s body, saying the body belonged to him because he was more cyborg parts than human. But Peter’s father and brother were worried. Max Crickett “had been working on some sort of microchip that was supposed to help repair function to damaged brains. It was still experimental, but Russell implanted it in Peter’s brain.” Max and his other son, Jason, believe Russell modified Peter’s behavior to do his bidding that lead up to his death and they wanted to prove it.

After Peter’s accident and three days before his wedding, Jason Crickett left Ceri McKinley. In her grieving, Ceri met Russell who made her feel wanted. She got pregnant and they ended up marrying Russell. But after she watched Russell break the hands of a piano player she made small talk with, she divorced him.

Now Ceri is at Pleasure Island to meet with Russell to discuss visitation rights for their daughter, Skye. She runs into Max and Jason who told her of their trials. They were hoping Ceri could talk to Russell and convince him to release Peter’s body. Ceri knew Russell would not listen to her but she will try anyway. Because she never stopped loving Jason.


I love zombie stories and this book jacks it up a notch that I did not see coming.

I had a little trouble visualizing the climb up the puppet because I have never seen a puppet three stories tall.

But this book kept me captivated from the beginning straight to the end. You just never know where this story will take you!

For more novellas, go to http://www.booksbysteph.com.

Until next time, live life one page at a time!




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