“What Once Was Lost” by Kim Vogel Sawyer

BOOK_COVER_What Once Was LostThe Brambleville Asylum for the Poor housed thirteen poor, orphaned and displaced individuals. After her father passed away, Christina Willems has been seeing to the bunch she considers family.

One cold winter night in 1890, Christina is woken by Tommy, a blind eleven-year-old with no family. He tells Christina that she has to get everyone out of the house because it is on fire. At first she does not believe him, then she hears the thuds of running feet and shouts of fire. By the time the group put out the fire, the kitchen was gone and the house was inhabitable.

Christina searched the entire town of Brambleville, Kansas for a place to house her charges. But no one would take in Tommy because he was blind. In a desperate attempt, Christina and Tommy rode out to Levi Johnson’s mill. People did not know much about Levi because he kept to himself and that is the way he liked it. But how could Levi say no to a blind child who reminded him of himself and to the beautiful Christina?

Christina met with members of the board and they refused her request for funds to rebuild the kitchen. The men felt it was not appropriate for a woman to be head of the household and, in fact, they wanted to close the Brambleville location. But what would happen to all the residents? What will happen to Christina?



This book makes you think about your own life and how blessed we are.

This book is very humbling. We take so much in life for granted. What would you do if everything you have ever known was taken away from you? I bet some of you can identify with the experience of a fire taking your home. Even though this book is long and is a slow read, everyone can relate to something in this book!

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!






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