“Haven” by Kristi Cook


The Haven Trilogy, Book 1

Violet McKenna’s stepmother has “been offered a job in New York, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… [She] gave [Violet] a choice: stay in Atlanta with Gran, or move to New York with her.” Gran and her stepmother are her only family since her parents are dead.

Violet chose to go to New York and attend Winterhaven boarding school. She “wanted to fit in. To blend in.” And she would “do just about anything to make sure no one [at her new school would] notice.” See, Violet has visions. They stop her in her tracks and it looks like she is having a seizure.

Throughout her first day at Winterhaven, Violet notices some strange things but she does not think much about them because she is too busy hiding her secret. A group a fast friends let her in on a secret: every single student at Winterhaven has some sort of psychic gift, something out of the ordinary. There are telekinetics, empaths, clairsentiences, shape-shifters and Violet has precognition.

Violet “left behind everything that was familiar to [her] so that [she] could go someplace where no one knew [she] was a freak, where no one would notice that [she] sometimes acted weird and knew stuff. And now here [she] was, at a school filled entirely with freaks.”



While this book is long, it is also captivating. I could not stop turning the pages on my eReader.

New kid at school, relationships, friendships are some of the things that reminded me of my four years of high school. In fact, I found my mind wandering to those memories and needing to snap back to the book.

This book is full of surprises and things you never see coming. It is informative (when you read the book, you will understand) and does not follow stereotypical types or rules. You will root for Violet in hopes everything will turn out alright.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!


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