“Last Light” by Terri Blackstock


The Restoration Series, Book 1

Doug and his daughter step off an airplane, just moments before the power goes out at the airport. But it is more than that. Planes are falling from the sky, cars have stopped working, and even watches have stopped ticking.

The Branning family, along with the rest of the neighborhood, learns that this blackout is continental. The government thinks it “was some kind of astronomic event, such as radiation from a nearby star, with catastrophic effects on our atmosphere… They’re pretty sure it’s not damaging to humans, but that’s about all they’re sure of…”

Knowing this is going to last more then a few days, Doug works on making sure the family is safe. Kay is trying to stretch what little food is left. And their four children cannot stop complaining. Deni refuses to grasp that the government is not working on a quick fix and is trying to find her way to D.C. to a waiting fiance. Jeff wants to hang out with his high school friends and the cute girl he likes and is learning the hard way that he needs to step up and be more of a man. Tween, Beth, found her teacher dead. The first of a string of murders in the neighborhood. And the youngest, Logan, desperately wants to be thought of as a man but never gets the chance.

Everyone has their part in a struggle to survive. So much is unknown, impossible to get, running out, and in need of help. The Brannings want to help their neighbors, but which one is the killer?



I am sitting here, trying to figure out what to write, and I find myself still lost in the book.

This story takes everything away from you and leaves you in confusion. There are so many questions and no one has answers, yet everyone expects you to. How will you care for your family? Keep them fed, safe and sheltered. How much do you really trust your neighbors, especially when there is a murderer on the loose? Are they stalking you or looking out for you? Who do you turn to for help and what can you do to help others?

Life becomes a thin line between legal, moral and ethical. What side would you be on? What would make you cross it? Will you make the right decisions? And how do you feel about God? Would you blame Him or put your faith in Him?

This story is told by each family member. You know their thoughts and reasons. What they believe or refuse to believe. The differences in ages of the children show the difference in character, attitude and understanding.

This book will leave you wanting to reach for book two. This story leaves your heart torn from your head. It will leave you with so many what-if questions pertaining to the real world. Lastly, this story will leave you with the overwhelming desire to start hoarding clean water.

(As a quick add on – this book actually made me dream that my family was in the same predicament.)

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!






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