“A Plain Disappearance” by Amanda Flower

BOOK_COVER_A Plain DisappearanceAn Appleseed Creek Mystery, Book 3

Timothy Troyer takes Chloe Humphrey on a buggy ride for their first date. They stop at an old abandoned, rundown barn to stretch their legs. Timothy surprises Chloe with an early Christmas gift. But the joy of the evening evaporates when Timothy’s dog takes off running to the side of the barn. Timothy and Chloe follow and discover a horrible site.

Buried in the snow lay a young Amish girl, blue from death. At first, the cops believe an icicle fell from the barn and killed the girl, but no one can think of a reason the girl would be at the barn in the first place. However, this conclusion is not final when they find out the girl was actually strangled to death.

The Amish will not talk to the Chief of Police, Greta Rose, so she enlists Chloe to help. Chief Rose wants Chloe to talk to the Amish and see if she can come up with any Amish suspects.



Read this series in chronological order!

Because this is the first book I read in the series (in hopes it would stand alone), there were a lot of references to things that happened in the previous books. That caused some confusion, especially when it came to character development. And I do not understand why a cop would enlist a civilian to talk to the Amish and she is not even Amish.

I never thought I would ever say I read an Amish murder mystery; this would be my first and what a great story to start with! As clues are gathered, you start to believe you know who the killer is, naturally. Then you find out things that throw a wrench in your theory. You are truly reading things and trying to come to a conclusion just like a real cop. And the ending will surprise you in so many ways!

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!


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