“Undying Embrace” by Jessica Lee

BOOK_COVER_Undying Embrace

A Novel of the Enclave, Book 2

In Fairfield, South Carolina, Gabrielle Stevens learns that her sister has been missing for at least three weeks. Her neighbors tell Gabrielle that Alexandria started hanging around a Goth club called Wicked Ways. Gabrielle creates a Gothic style character that can check out the club without getting noticed. But it is what Gabrielle noticed is far beyond what she imagined. Two years ago, Arran pushed her away by telling her that her kiss was forgettable and today he sits at the other end of the bar.

Arran MacLain is a vampire. He was part of a group, called the Enclave, that killed Death Euphoria Addicts. His former partner, Markus, nearly destroyed the Enclave when he turned against them. Arran left the Enclave and has been searching for Markus. Those searches lead him to Wicked Ways – owned by Markus himself.

Horrified at the thought that her sister might be dead, Gabrielle and Arran team up to find Alexandria. But being around each other is much harder then they realized. They loved each other but Gabrielle is human and Arran is a vampire. How will that work? And “God forbid if [Gabrielle] ever found out about the things” Arran did in the past. She would be as disgusted as he is with himself.




Read this series in order. There are references to the first book that I did not understand.

Finally! An author who actually uses racy language rather then trying to keep things clean. I feel that using language that people use in real life, proper or not, brings the reader closer to the story. I could imagine myself as Gabrielle and properly enjoy the X-rated sex scenes.

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Until next time, life life one page at a time!



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