“Hunter’s Moon” by Lisa Kessler

BOOK_COVER_Hunter_s MoonThe Moon Series, Book 2

She tried to kill him twice. Yet, “[i]nstead of protecting [his] Pack…[Aren Sloan] found [him]self sneaking around, unable to stop tracking her, protecting [their] enemy. Sasha [Kincade].” She was a shape-shifting jaguar and was part of the Neo Organization. The Neo Organization “bred jaguar shape-shifters and trained them as silent assassins for the highest bidder.” Sasha left the organization whey they failed to give her a promised antidote, to her shape-shifting, that never existed. Now there is a bounty on her head and people are trying to kill her. The Neo Organization cannot afford Sasha spilling their secrets, that “[t]hey kidnapped and imprisoned human women within the compound to be part of [their] jaguar-shifter breeding program and DNA testing.” The government thought “they were just financing enhanced soldiers.”

Now, a shape-shifting werewolf with Green Beret training has threatened Sasha using the only leverage he had over her – Sasha’s sister. Sasha knew that she needed help and she knew that, for some reason, Aren was following her. She knew Aren was a werewolf and asked him and his Pack to protect her sister until she could figure out who is trying to kill her and get to him first. 


One thing I believe is important in a book series is to catch the reader up on previous books so they do not get confused with the story. This author achieved that. The back-story from book one was written out as a matter of factly, yet stayed true to the story of this book.  Throughout the book, when references to the first book surfaced, this author gave a point-blank explanation that never veered away from the story at hand.

The book was a little long, but it needs to be that way. Being able to feel and root on the characters in this book came from reading their interactions and learning their history. As the two main characters get to know each other, so does the reader. A lot of books make you want to scream, “You are so stupid, just tell each other!” Yet this book left you conflicted between love and understanding. This is what draws a reader in and had this reader in tears.

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