“Less Than Perfect” by Kelly Jensen

BOOK_COVER_Less Than PerfectIn 2015, the “beautiful alien visitors arrived in beautiful, undetectable alien starships. They looked like us, but better… They had observed us from afar for thousands of years, and came to render assistance in helping us achieve the next evolutionary step.” They could make us beautiful too. In exchange, we ended up handing over our souls. I am trying to find food and a new home with my group after a small gang kicked us off our farm.

We met a man who invited us over for lunch with his mother. He looked harmless enough. We drank cold lemonades when I started to feel weird. I could not move my body and started seeing spots. Right before I passed out I realized I had been drugged. I awoke in a small room and knew I had been captured by the aliens. I had to figure a way out of there. They will steal my soul and make me one of them.



Sometimes the hardest books to review are the ones that leave you with questions. This book leaves me with so many questions, yet, because of the plot of the story, the questions, literally, cannot be answered. Still, I feel like some things contradict each other.

The story, however, was good. It kept me enthralled. I even got a fright when the low battery box popped up on my Kindle. I just about jumped out of my skin and scared a sleeping cat off my lap.

For more novellas, go to http://www.booksbysteph.com.

Until next time, live life one page at a time!



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