“Ghosts of the Falls” by Sarah Gilman

BOOK_COVER_Ghosts of the FallsDutch called Jade to come to a state park in Maine to exorcise a ghost. “Over a hundred years ago, a logger got knocked into the river by a falling tree and fell into the gorge.” Jade asked Dutch to take her to the burial site so she can bind the ghost to his grave and he will not be powerful enough to fit back.

On their hike through the forest to the site, Dutch asks a lot of questions about exorcising a ghost. Jade explains “[i]t takes a significant event or events to bind a spirit to earth” that would explain his continued presence. Dutch tells her tales of ghost sightings so real that they could touch and talk to the ghost. “Spirits powerful enough to assume corporeal form are the rarest kind. There have only been a couple observed by exorcists in recorded history.”

Dutch really likes Jade, but when she asks him out to dinner, he turns her down. Deflated, Jade starts an incantation and watches Dutch disappear before her eyes. Putting together pieces of the puzzle, Jade realizes that Dutch is the ghost. But what she does not understand is why he would call for his own exorcism.



Short and sweet. Informative but not distracting.

I found this novella to be quite wonderful. My first story about a ghost who can be seen, touched and talked to as if it were alive. The author provided so much information that did not distract you from the story. Having Dutch ask the questions allowed the reader to learn about the process of an exorcism and ghost related facts that actually draws the reader into the story further. And you learn so much about the two characters in a short hike that even though it seems like an impossible situation that they are in, you are rooting for them.

You will get lost in the knowledge this story tells, the love this story creates, and the hope this story rests upon. Wonderful way to pass an hour by reading this story.

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Until next time, live life one page at a time!



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