Nov. 29, 2013 – BLOG TOUR – “Six” by Rachel Robinson


This is my very first time participating in a Blog Tour and I must apologize because I feel like it is one big fail. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Murphy’s Law at its finest. First, I was given no instruction as to what a blog tour is, does, etc. I received an email with pictures that I could not copy/save to my computer (I had to search for my own), a document that does not open on my computer, and a rafflecopter code (without instruction on how to create one or what I am supposed to give away). And, of course, the world closes on Thanksgiving so I cannot turn to the professionals for help. But when I sat and thought about it, there is no place that says that “booksbysteph is hosting on the 29th”.  Since I have many blogs that are merely mirror images with different address endings, no one asked me which site would be the host of this event. Since my participation has ended up becoming limited and I have nothing to give away, all I can offer you is a reader’s point-of-view of this book. Please visit the Rachel Robinson page on my website for more information on all things Rachel.

Reader Synopsis and Review

BOOK_COVER_SixWhen the dark witches took over the world, they killed humans to eradicate weakness. Six emotions are considered weak – anger, fear, sadness, joy, surprise and love.

When immortal darkling Emmalina Weaver turns eighteen, most of her emotions have disappeared. When the dark witches arrive to take her to the palace to start her life as a breeder, the last of Emma’s fear causes her to run away. In the haunted woods, she meets Lena and Bec. They are half witch, half human as well, but more human than witch because they were raised not to use their magic. Lena sees that Emma is not fully changed to the dark side and offers to help her feels her emotions again. However, the dark witches are still searching for Emma. They will not quit until she is dead. How far will her new friends go to save her from her fated life?



I found this book to be absolutely delightful.

While I read this book in one sitting, it took awhile. That is because I devoured each and every word. The story of Emma’s journey was captivating from page one. Never was there a dull moment as the story filled the pages without becoming too busy or unbelievable.

As Emma is trying to learn and feel the six emotions, the reader feels them as well…plus more. It is very easy to hand your heart over to this story; to imagine yourself as Emma  and the man you love as Finn. They way love is described, the backbone of fairy tales, is the collaboration of all my secret girl fantasies.

The only con – I wish there was a chapter at the end that explained why Finn and Lana were so close.

Until next time, live life one page at a time!

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