There is a lot of debate out there on the pros and cons of books and e-Readers. Personally, I would pick a physical book over and e-Reader any day. I do own an e-Reader, a NOOK (not the NOOKcolor, that one came out 2 months after I bought mine). I want to describe to you why I chose a book over a NOOK.


  • seeing how close to the end I am
  • the feel of the weight in my hands
  • the texture of the pages
  • the suspense/excitement of turning a page
  • the way they smell, especially the old books (like library books)
  • being able to close the book with satisfaction
  • searching, finding and picking out a book at a store and buying it and opening it for the very first time (breaking the binder)


  • it is thinner
  • I cannot navigate through it easily to find information for my blog
  • it runs out of power
  • Barnes & Noble gives freeNOOK books
  • can do other things with different e-Readers
  • I have to find a wi-fi spot
  • my fingers are too big for the touch screen (and I have little fingers, forget about it if you have long nails)
  • my clock is an hour off and what should be a simple fix does not work (I think they have daylight savings time switched around)
  • something better came out after I purchased (ie NOOKcolor)

These are just some of the reasons I can think of off the top of my head. I would love to hear why you like books or your e-Reader!


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