I have been asked numerous questions about why I chose to buy a NOOK instead of any of the other e-Readers on the market.

I chose the NOOK because I am a loyal customer of Barnes & Noble and I knew I could get free books, and I LOVE books. From early August 2010 to today, February 26, 2011, I have 221 free books given to me by Barnes & Noble. However, the books I get for free are not popular books, not by famous authors, not on the top 100 book list, but books that are out there, and they (some) are good and need a chance to be read. Then, 2 months later, Barnes & Noble came out with NOOKcolor and I am very angry about that and wrote Barnes & Noble an email which I have yet to receive a response from.

I regret only 1 thing – not looking around at other e-Readers.

There are Kindles and iPads and others I cannot think of at the moment. Please share your thoughts on your e-Reader. The good, the bad and the ugly. Hopefully you can help others make a more educated decision.


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