I bet you are wondering why you should read my blog. There are so many blogs on the Internet that talk about a lot of things, some important and some…not so much. You might say if I wanted a review of a book I would just check the reviews on the book website. Guess what? Some of those reviews are from me!

What makes my blog different in reviewing books is that I am not concerned with NY Times top 10 books of the week or Oprah’s book club on her new TV station. I review books that everyone can read, easy reads that I like to call “beach reads” even in the winter.

I also write reviews of first time authors. I receive the books from publishing companies (Dorrance and Thomas Nelson) and I just have to write a review (and they are not always positive). If anyone stumbles across my blog and would like me to review their book, please send me a message.

I will also review books that have been sitting on library shelves collecting dust in hopes of expanding your mind from the more contemporary authors.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will write reviews of popular authors and even some of those hard to read books (and I may find a good book on NY’s top 10)

You just never know what my next book will be about. That’s what makes my blog so much fun!

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I love reading the books and writing the blog. If anyone has suggestions on how I can improve my blog to better serve you, just send me a message. I am open to anything.

Until next time, take life one page at a time!



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